We make business personal. Everything we do is in service of a better tomorrow for your team and your customers. We offer diverse experts who break conventional boundaries to work seamlessly together and help you fly.

Traditionally, coaches grow the person and consultants grow the business. But working independently for growth’s sake leaves a fundamental gap when it comes to innovation. WhatBox was created in response to this need.  We take pride in ignoring all conventional boundaries to serve you better.

Although we strive for lasting relationships, we measure our success by your ability to fly on your own…sooner than later.

Best of all, what we do works, and it pays. Period.

Our diverse and experienced team is our unique superpower.

Our rich network of experts and affiliates affords you access to a pool of relationships, tools, tricks and intangible know-how that no coach, consulting firm or training program alone can rival.

  • We believe in the power of collaboration.
  • We share common commitment to curiosity, humility and value.
  • We lead with listening and work together to help you deliver on different.


Crystal Fernando, founder

Crystal is a global leader and change-maker with over twenty years experience in strategy activation, start-up growth, technology, innovation and service design. She has advised leaders and teams in more than 20 countries with a focus on bringing new ideas to market.

Before starting WhatBox, Crystal acted as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading service industry icons like Walt Disney, MGM Resorts, and Ritz-Carlton as well as a 15-year tenure with IHG, where she most recently led Global Commercial Delivery. Today she uses her service mindset to help leaders artfully blend sharp strategy, deep empathy and informed design with empowered and energized teams to fuel sustained growth. Crystal believes in checking ego at the door, injecting creativity into every step of the journey, and having fun along the way.




Meet some of our affiliate partners.

Did you know?

Top performing organizations are 42% more likely to value thought diversity.
“Knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections between what we know. Making connections between dots in our world fuel creative thinking and new ideas.” —Fast Company 
“Competitive advantage no longer arises from position, scale, and capability in producing or delivering an offering. Instead, companies must be really good at learning how to do new things.” —HBR


“A mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” —Albert Einstein

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